Our Values

Our Beginnings

VetPartners started in January 2016 with 32 community practices across three states.


In the first two years, we grew at a rapid pace across Australia and acquired our first clinic in New Zealand. That growth was driven by our simple philosophy.

Our Philosophy

VetPartners is built on the simple philosophy of Join Us Stay You; we recognise the uniqueness of every veterinary team and individual practice and the local community for decades.  It’s helped to ensure we preserve the legacy, brand and culture of each clinic, as it is at the centre of what we do and how we operate.

We provide the benefits of our infrastructure to run your business, allowing you to have full control of the decisions you make and the patient care that you provide.


Today we are a community of 4,500 passionate people, that’s over 250 practices as well as training centres for growth, a vet nurse training school and a managed services business – United Vets Group we offer a wealth of support wherever you and your team are at in your journey. We provide a support network, so you and your teams can continue to do what’s important to you – practice medicine.

To support team members we offer several employee benefits from paid parental leave, free continuous education through our dedicated veterinary training centres, leadership and graduate academies. As well as finding ways to continuously link our communities. Find out more about our employee benefits.

We provide a range of functions such as payroll, finance, IT, human resources, learning and development, recruitment and marketing to support your practice. Our teams work with our philosophy in mind, where you’re the decision maker.

Caring for your team is likely to be high on your agenda. We don’t rebrand your practice; we work with you in areas where you think you need help. Our aim is to make it easier for you and your team. We ensure all staff entitlements come across and working conditions remain the same as they were pre-settlement.

Just as caring for your team is high on your agenda, caring for our teams well-being is high on ours. In addition to great programs we provide around the mental well-being space, we also partner with Dr Nadine Hamilton and her work around Love Your Pet. Love Your Vet.

Every time a practice joins our community it makes us a bit stronger.

What’s Next?

Looking towards the future, being a learning organisation is key. We aim to be an employer of choice. We are excited about the next phase of our development.

Our Leadership Team