Sinead Ryan has been appointed as CEO, commencing with VetPartners on Monday 4 March 2024. The appointment comes after Mark Jeffery announced he would be stepping aside as CEO at the end of February.

With all regulatory approvals obtained, and the transition to EQT partnership nearly finalised, Sinead will provide the business with continuity through the next phase of ownership.

Sinead has deep experience as a leader in care-centred industries and has a passion for health businesses that make a tangible difference to society. This includes most recently leading Dentistry group Abano Healthcare, as well as the Junior Adventurers Group – an education and primary school care provider.

Sinead said she is excited about embarking on this journey, and is looking forward to the opportunity to connect with clinics within our communities across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

“I’m very eager for us to build on the great work and strong business that we are today, so we can grow together and contribute to improving on how we do things internally, while advocating externally for the veterinary profession,” Sinead said.

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