Kristy Murphy has spent most of her career in human health working across several businesses such as Sanofi-aventis, Sonic Health and Ochre Health Medical Centres. Kristy joined VetPartners as Acquisition Director in January 2017. For many of our practices, she is the first person they speak to and meet.

Since joining VetPartners Kristy has successfully acquired 25 independent community vet hospitals to join the VetPartners family. Kristy, along with her team, will continue to talk to hospitals owners about succession planning for their business, employees and clients with the intention of building our community with like minded business owners.

Kristy is passionate about connecting with hospital owners and discussing the different options to move forward whilst protecting the legacy that they have worked so hard to build. Kristy aims to work with a high level of integrity at all times, operating with transparency and honesty throughout the entire acquisitions process.

Outside of work Kristy enjoys spending time with her husband and son and although they do not own a family pet just yet, they look forward to selecting the perfect puppy for their family very soon. Suggestions for breed are welcome!