I’ve worked as a vet nurse, associate vet, vet and emergency vet over the years, before joining VetPartners as Regional Operations Manager. The role provided a holistic understanding of business operations, valuable communication skills and lots of empathy – all transferable skills which I used to this day.

As Regional Operations Manager, I loved getting to know the clinics, but after a while decided I was ready for a change. So, when the position of Early Talent Manager within the Graduate Academy came about, I was all in!

I now design and roll out Graduate Support Programs for new veterinarians and the clinics that support them. My previous work as a vet has been invaluable in ensuring that the program delivers on the needs of those that use it, and I’m always engaged and learning how to support our clinics and their new vets.

I’ve always loved supporting new graduates and now, here I am! I really enjoy working with graduates to ensure they are supported in their first few years in practice. I always remind them that while they’ve been trained to look for the small things to determine case outcome, outside of the consult/surgery room, bigger picture thinking is what is needed to drive change. I also thoroughly enjoy working with our support office teams who are always looking to help.

I love my current role, but I haven’t closed the door on returning to clinical work in the future. The genuine gratitude you receive from pet owners can’t be replaced! The relationship and rapport you build is so valuable.

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