When I was young, I always wanted to be a scientist, which later morphed into a desire to become a veterinarian.

Despite graduating in NZ, my first “real” role was working as a veterinarian in an Australian clinic. Since then I have worked as a vet in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, which has taught me that iIn this field, there is a constant need for growth and learning. There is little chance to become bored!

I worked in Associate and Lead Veterinarian roles, owned my own clinic, Stoke Vet clinic, which was sold to Pet Doctors, later sold to NVC and eventually VetPartners.

Since joining VetPartners I moved from the Lead Veterinarian role to Veterinary Manager where I have the honour of helping to build effective, high functioning teams within our organisation, ensuring excellent standards of care across the board.

I’ve been with VetPartners NZ for some time now, and know my current role will help me achieve my ultimate goal of supporting vets to connect with clients and provide exceptional service. It’s an essential part of improving the working experience for our teams.

From the start, I’ve had people and peers who have believed in my skills, which allowed me to acknowledge the value I can bring to the industry. Each role I’ve had has been so rewarding in its own right, and my current role offers variety, flexibility, and the opportunity to help different clinic teams improve their service delivery and job satisfaction.

A career in the veterinary and animal care industry is so rewarding, but you do need to be willing to work hard, have a sense of enthusiasm and always act with integrity. Anything is possible with determination and passion!

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