I’ve been interested in animal health and welfare from a very young age, and I always dreamt of becoming a vet. I started as a graduate in Yamba, NSW, and have since held various roles as a vet and locum. I’ve worked in both Australia and the UK, which has been amazing. Working with Dog’s Trust, UK’s leading dog welfare charity, was so rewarding and incredibly memorable.

I’m very proud to now be a Hospital Director, and as I’ve progressed in my role over the past 10 years, I’ve watched the industry evolve and advance. This particular role sparked my interest when I was working in a previous practice, and noticed that management priorities weren’t in the right place. As a consequence, staff weren’t treated appropriately.

When VetPartners acquired the practice I’m currently working in, thanks to both team support and hard work, the opportunity finally arose to take up the Hospital Director role.

It’s so important to me to create an environment where people can work well in teams and be supported and encouraged to flourish in their careers. I love being involved with creating positive changes for animal health and welfare, as well as building a healthy team culture. In our practice, we have a strong focus on education development and client and community awareness.

Our industry is ever-changing and I strive to be a supportive mentor to new vets, vet nurses, and vet techs as they navigate their careers. The skills I’ve gained in previous roles allow me to encourage new starters to follow their interests and work hard to achieve their dreams, all the while taking time to enjoy life’s small joys.

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