Veterinary Graduate
Development Program

VetPartners Graduate Academy

The VetPartners Graduate Academy gives final year students and recent graduates a structured and supportive pathway into the workforce. Whether you join one of our independent practices or one of the larger groups in our network, you will receive unparalleled mentoring and formal training that will provide you with an excellent foundation. Participants are supported through structured training, supportive clinical environments, informal and formal on-the-job learning, and regular check-ins with mentors.

More importantly, we’ll provide you with the tools and techniques you’ll need to deal with everyday life in clinic, including resilience training, consultation techniques, and client relationship building skills.

Throughout your 18 months in this program, you will integrate into one of our established veterinary hospitals and its team, who will lead and support you through a structured training program, as well as provide clinical experience, informal and formal on-the-job learning and regular check-ins with mentors.

Designed for New Graduates

We’ve designed the program to give Veterinary graduates like you the clinical knowledge and training you’ll need to pursue your future career aspirations. You’ll participate in an 18-month development program at the one veterinary hospital or clinic location. Here you’ll combine hands-on clinical experience and, on the job, learning with formal training opportunities. The program provides a stimulating graduate position that offers training and support with an employer who wants to develop your skills and resilience.

On top of a competitive salary and benefits, you will deepen your knowledge through structured learning. As part of the VetPartners Graduate Academy, you’ll be supported by a graduate manager, veterinary manager and immediate in-clinic supervisor to provide guidance and constructive feedback.


Our clinical standards VetSuccess platform, has been specifically designed for New and Recent Graduates, intended to support you in your first year of employment.

The VetSuccess Program is a process of self-assessment that aims to instil a conscious and conscientious approach to professional learning. It provides a flexible framework to allow new and recent graduates, overseas graduates, and those returning to work, to reflect on their progress in developing their confidence and competence across several clinical areas, measured against Key Clinical Competences. This platform helps facilitate regular, collaborative and constructive discussions with a clinical supervisor in a supportive environment.

There is a Professional Development Log component to the system that allows vets to set professional/personal goals and record their CPD activities. The clinical experience component functions to allow recording of case notes, clinical skills and procedures, and regular self-assessment.

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